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Physical Training

In training young athletes must learn the right physical movements, in the proper planes of motion, to work the intended muscles so the maximum effort and performance can be achieved time and time again.

My training builds a base where the athlete becomes aware of muscles they didn’t know they had. These are postural muscles and stabilizers – two groups of muscles that are crucial to developing a balanced, strong and powerful body.


1. Improve body /muscle control

2. increase core strength/stabilization

3. increase balance

4. improve posture

5. increase flexibility


Once an athlete has improved their posture and technique we are now able to start training the performance based “functional” skills which are:

Speed - Acceleration - Power - Strength – Agility

All athletes must be fast, powerful and be able to give a maximum effort for a sustained period of time. My explosive power phase will improve the athlete’s static and motion acceleration all while becoming faster and effective in their movement.


1. improve ‘’quick feet’’

2. better reaction time

3. faster starts

4. better acceleration

5. more elasticity in the muscles