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Mental Coaching

To be a highly competitive athlete you must have mental strength above and beyond the average hockey player. The goal is to build tough and fearless athletes who push beyond what they believed their limits to be. This is achieved by rising above your fears and keeping your emotions in check to create durable, competitive and powerful athletes.

It’s with an absolute mental toughness that elite athletes manage to push through pain and fatigue making your training sessions more effective and the end result being more rewarding game situations.

Becoming a good leader

This program will teach the participant all the necessary skills to be a good leader for themselves and how to better lead others. By becoming more responsible, confident and honest with yourself you will become a better team player as well.

The key objectives of this program are to build strong and competent individuals and empower them to become fully realized athletes and people. The program is designed to provide the participants with several key elements that are essential to being a powerful and efficient both on and off the ice.


  • People skills – better rapport between players and coaches
  • Communication – better understanding of coaches and their expectations
  • Self confidence – stop second guessing themselves
  • Managing stress –manage the different elements of  being an elite athlete
  • Leadership – be a leader in and out of the dressing room

The procedure

Jasson Finney will meet with each of the candidates individually on a weekly basis for a 2 hour period. Each participant will be given assignments they must complete on their own time between sessions. Here is the list of subjects for the twelve session program.

Week 1 - Self Discovery

Week 2 – Training your Mind

Week 3 - Building your Character

Week 4 -Accountability and Responsibility

Week 5 - Quieting the mind

Week 6 -Taking Action

Week 7 -The Acceptance of fear

Week 8 - Accessing your Power

Week 9 - Getting in the game

Week 10 – 10 Ways to Becoming a Champion

Week 11 – Virtues of an Elite Athlete

Week 12 - Your New Vision