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Parent's Corner

As a parent I know you want the best for your young athlete and I completely understand and agree with your desire. My training is first and foremost aimed at insuring your teen’s proper development making sure they strengthen postural muscles and core stabilizers. Your athlete is at a crucial time in his/her career. What habits and training methods they learn within the next few years will greatly determine the level of success they achieve in their chosen sport. My dedication is second to none and I assure you that your son/daughter is in good hands. My methods are scientifically based and my approach is focused on their specific needs. Here is what a few parents had to say about my training and coaching.

Mario  Duquette

Jasson Finney was instrumental in my son Mario achieving his goal, making of the Midget Espoir hockey league.

At the beginning of the summer 2010, my then 14 year old son weighed 165lbs with a 6’2 frame. He severely lacked coordination and balance, could barely do 5 real push ups and had an average cardio vascular endurance.

When I mandated Jasson to work with Mario I told him I wanted him to improve his balance, physical strength and his foot work. In only 2 months the results were unbelievable! He gained 20lbs and now weighed 185lbs of muscle. He no longer falls easily on the ice, is faster, wins almost all the one on one battles , could do as many push ups as he wants and much more.

Most likely the most important in all of his summer training is the confidence that he gained. Besides being an extremely competent trainer, Jasson also works on the mental aspect of the game with these young athletes to ensure that they keep a good attitude and reach their goals. Looking forward to summer 2012!

Kathy Roberts

“Thanks... I truly see how Jeff is enjoying working with you and I am lucky you are here to help athletes like him. I am blessed to have met you….and my great kids are even more blessed to have the ability to work with you. Thanks again…you DO …DO A LOT OF GOOD!! I see your messages and missions…You are making the positive differences in kids lives….so you are achieving your goals….thank-you!”

Carole and Darcy Croxen

“Thank you for helping Xavier. He really appreciates your training”.

Chuck Meklensek

Lexi is a 14 year swimmer who ranks in the top 10 in Canada, for her age group.  She began working with Jasson this summer to build strength and power into her performances.  Jasson’s knowledge of strength training for young athletes was a perfect match for Lexi’s first exposure to a personal coach for dryland work.  Jasson was able to create a program for Lexi, to fit within training and competition cycles.  He made sure the training incorporated teaching, so Lexi understood what each exercise was for and how to do them safely and effectively.  Jasson balanced her training indoors and out, offering her a variety which kept her fresh and excited for each training session.  His balance of hard work, coaching and motivation allowed her to succeed and build a base for future strength training.  We highly recommend Jasson for working with elite athletes.